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What is the difference between the dust-free cloth gap in the industry

Jun 16, 2018

What is the difference between the cleanroom cloth wiper gap in the industry?

In fact, there is still a clear gap between the clean cloth industry at home and abroad. In terms of the gap, there are two main aspects:

microfiber esd wiper.jpg

First, due to the strict quality control of foreign manufacturers, the quality of the products is better than that of domestic cleanroom cloths, and in particular, the conventional performances such as the amount of dust, residues, etc.

Second, foreign countries will be involved in special occasions for clean clothes, so domestic cleanroom cloth manufacturers want to develop rapidly and need to study like foreign manufacturers.

So what kinds of cleanroom cloths have our country cultivated? Anti-static dust cloth manufacturers take everyone to understand!

1. Clean the surface of the cloth

This kind of product is very common in China, but it can actually make the surface brighter or less after wiping. In addition, some cleanroom wipers have the characteristics of strong liquid absorption and solvent resistance, and can be used. Pads on various wet dishes or test stands.

2. Anti-static and cleanroom wiper

Although it does not include many special technologies, some conductive wires are added during the traditional manufacturing process, and special antistatic treatment is not required, in order to better avoid the occurrence of residue.

3. Pre-wet cleanroom cloth

As foreign manufacturers, they will be matched with some of their special cleaning agents when the product is pushed. For example, in the grinding process of chemical machinery, some solidified residues and residues are often encountered. The cleaning agent can achieve a very good cleaning effect.