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What is the effect of ESD clothing

Mar 22, 2018

What is the effect of ESD clothing?
ESD clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabrics. This fabric uses special polyester filaments, with warp or weft-inlaid conductive fibers. With high efficiency and permanent anti-static
Dust-proof performance, thin and clear texture. In the process of making garments, a special overlock machine is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles. Dust-free velcro tapes prevent contamination of the environment due to hair loss. According to the level requirements to provide different models
Style, and the use of conductive fiber sewing, so that all parts of the garment to maintain electrical continuity; sleeve tube pants for the unique two-tier structure, the inner layer of conductive or anti-static rib, so as to meet the requirements of high-level dust-free environment.