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What is the principle of electrostatic explosion?

May 03, 2018

See the news, the washing machine down jacket results in an explosion.

Explosion principle analysis:

As explained in the explanation of the cause, static electricity accumulates to form an explosion. In general, static electricity builds up and discharges, like a high-voltage power station. Especially when the air is wet, it will cause a discharge, and then it will be the thunder that the sky thunders. Strong electric field energy transfer can be destructive. In the washing machine, the electrostatic field is too strong, and it will directly affect the electrical components of the washing machine. Integrating various factors, it is theoretically possible that the confined space energy is too strong to press the air to produce an explosion-like phenomenon.

Electrostatic hazard:

In addition, in general life trials, everyone knows about the harm caused by static electricity. They all feel that it is normal to have a door beater and a charged body. In fact, strong electric fields can affect the skin, heart rate, and even the reproductive system. And static electricity can also form electromagnetic radiation to produce radiation, so the harm of static electricity can not be ignored.

Prevent static electricity:

It is best to use three-phase sockets for various household appliances in daily life, and pay attention to the static electricity transmitted from the appliances to the ground, so as to avoid the formation of static electricity;

Dressing products are selected as much as possible. Nylon and fiber clothing are also prone to static electricity.

Then there are some products that are electrostatically charged because of high-voltage components. For example, some of my friends recently said that some anion products may generate large amounts of static electricity because of high voltage. However, as far as I know, real negative ion products should be able to eliminate static electricity and watch matches. Lu Mei negative ion products to eliminate static electricity experiments. Therefore, we must pay attention to voltage and static radiation when selecting electrical products.

Regarding static electricity, the above is my understanding and understanding. I hope to help you.