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What is the safety protection function of anti-static shoes

Jul 11, 2018

What is the safety protection function of anti-static shoes?

In the absence of labor protection measures or unqualified labor protection products, various unforeseen casualties will result. Therefore, personal protective equipment is worn to reduce or prevent accidental injuries. Anti-static shoes, as the most important and popular work shoes in human protective equipment, have the function of anti-static and safety protection. Its core is the anti-static protection function of the sole material.

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The harm of static electricity will specifically break down the electronic sensitive components, and the spark generated by static electricity will cause danger when it comes into contact with flammable and explosive gases and liquids. Therefore, anti-static shoes are compared in the electronics industry, food, chemical industry and other industries. important. The function of qualified anti-static shoes is to introduce the static electricity of people into the earth, which not only ensures the quality of the products, but also protects the safety of employees.

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For several years, the countries that protect workers' products have not paid much attention to it, and they lack strong supervision, not to mention the relevant effective publicity and training for enterprises. So in order to enhance the training and education of enterprises. Vigorously increase the propaganda, the company has set a special standard according to the use of anti-static shoes, only to do this can effectively avoid the safety accident caused by static electricity.