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What's Anti-static stool

Jul 06, 2018

Anti-static stool

anti static chair.JPG

Production: It is mainly made of high quality ESD and purification standard raw materials. Meets industry standards for Class 100 cleanrooms and antistatic environments.

Features: Durable, comfortable, safe and applicable range: electronics, precision instruments, food processing and other industries. The conventional diameter of the seat cushion is 275MM; the blue or black leather surface; the surface resistance of the leather surface is generally 106-109 Ω; the lifting handle is under the seat cushion, and is pneumatically adjusted to make the user comfortable. The seat cushion is based on a high-strength injection molded model and is filled with highly durable PU foam that is highly filtered. Gas rod: no oil and gas rod.

anti-static chair.JPG

There are three sizes:

One is a conventional size (440-580MM);

One is a height type of 440-850MM;

The third type is a short size (230-290MM).

Heightened chairs are required to have pedals. The pedal diameter is 400MM.

Five-star claw: The material is cast aluminum chrome-plated, wear-resistant and one-shot.

Foot cup/wheel: High-strength wear-resistant nylon material.

Casters: aluminum cast metal material; no fading pollution on the floor. Can be used directly in the purification workshop.