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What's esd cleanroom coverall?How to choose

Apr 10, 2018

What's esd cleanroom coverall?How to choose


ESD cleanroom coverall, as the name suggests, is a kind of dustless clothing. So, what is esd cleanroom coverall?

First, what is esd cleanroom coverall?

Clean clothing is a kind of workwear whose fabric is anti-static fabric. Its function is to prevent clothes from accumulating static electricity.

Second, what are the types of anti-static fabrics?

esd jumpsuit (2).jpgThe types of anti-static fabrics can be roughly classified into the following three types:

1. The antistatic agent adheres to the surface of the synthetic fiber fabric by means of padding, baking and the like, so that the fabric has a certain antistatic effect. At present, this method is generally used only for civil clothing to prevent clothes from appearing static electricity, such as snaking, discharging, and attracting dust.

2. Add antistatic agents to the interior of polyester or nylon polymers, such as phosphate esters, sulfonates, and so on. When fabrics of this type are used for finishing or washing, alkaline detergents should be avoided. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the antistatic agents added are surfactants, which react or decompose when they encounter alkali, and have an effect on the antistatic effect. . Such fabrics can be used not only as civilian clothing but also as dust-free clothing, aseptic garments and the like.

3, the conductive fiber mixed with ordinary fabrics, this type of anti-static fabric can not be affected by the environment, it has been generally accepted and recognized. The conductive components in this antistatic fabric are generally metal, graphite, carbon black, and the like. Based on the antistatic properties of this fabric, the type of conductive fibers, and the division of conductive components in the fiber, it can be divided into the following four categories:

A, uniform conductive composition

B. Conductive component covering type

C, conductive composite type

D, mixed conductive type

Third, the style of clean clothes

The style of clean clothes is generally a top-loading "three-tight" style with straight leg pants. Or it is a "three-tight" clean clothing piece.

Fourth, clean clothing product classification

According to different washing time, clean clothes can be divided into Class A clean clothes and Class B clean clothes. The wash time of Class A clean clothes is longer than the wash time of Class B clean clothes.

Fifth, the choice of clean clothes

1, clean clothes to be easy to wear, and wear it should also be more comfortable, not only to facilitate the relief, but also easy to activity.

2. In general, metal accessories should not be used on dust-free clothing. If it is necessary to use it, such as buttons, zippers, etc., it should also be ensured that it is not directly exposed when it is worn.

3. Under normal circumstances, the fabrics of dust-free clothing should all use anti-static fabrics and must not use linings.

The above is for what is a clean clothing piece? The brief introduction of the style of clean clothes and the choice of clean clothes, the relevant situation is also based on the answers of professionals.