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What's the classification of Cleanroom Wiper

Jun 13, 2018

What's the classification of Cleanroom Wiper?

The dust-free Microfiber wiper is in fact a new type of environmentally-friendly material. Due to its soft surface, it is convenient for wiping sensitive surfaces, and has excellent characteristics of friction-free fiber removal. What sort of dust-free cloth does it have?

Microfiber wiper.jpg

First, polyester fiber Wiper

Polyester fiber dust cloth is made of low elasticity and wear-resistant polyester continuous fiber weft. Mesh or plain structure, liquid and dust adsorption capacity is very good, the surface is soft and has a good cleaning ability. Suitable for cleaning and wiping on sensitive surfaces of clean rooms, tools, countertops, PCB boards, etc.

Second, Submicrofiber Wiper

Submicrofiber wiper is made by weaving superfine low elasticity fiber weft knitted, high density or plain structure, with excellent polishing performance, smooth surface cleaning ability, soft surface. When used, ultra-low dust shedding and fiber shedding, excellent dust holding capacity and good cleaning and wiping ability are suitable for cleaning and wiping sensitive surfaces of LCD, semiconductor, microelectronics, polishing magnetic media and other products.

Third, Microfiber Wiper

Microfiber wiper is made of polyester and nylon continuous microfiber woven or weft knitted, high density or plain weave structure, excellent dust and organic pollution adsorption and wiping ability, excellent cleaning ability, microfiber, With a larger contact area, it can effectively remove dust and obstinate stains, high density weaving has a stronger cleaning and polishing and liquid adsorption capacity. Suitable for cleaning and wiping sensitive surface of touch screen, LED, LCD, polishing, metal and other products.