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Where should anti-static four-hole shoes be used

Jul 07, 2018

Where should anti-static four-hole shoes be used?

I believe that everyone should be aware of anti-static four-hole shoes. Anti-static four-hole shoes are made of conductive rubber. Their uppers are made of anti-static canvas or PVC. Wearing anti-static shoes and using anti-static polyester cotton (anti-static mats, carpets, etc.) and anti-static socks anti-static insoles, etc., can make static electricity from the human body to the ground, thus removing the static electricity of the human body.

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So, do you know the environment in which anti-static four-hole shoes are suitable for use? Usually wearing an anti-static shoe in an environment where anti-static requirements are not very high, in addition to anti-static function, secondly, its main characteristic is that it has good air permeability and does not feel stuffy during the wearing process of the staff. Because some units have a slightly lower static electricity requirement, they should be protected by anti-static shoes for the convenience and comfort of employees.

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The following are the precautions for everyone wearing anti-static four-hole shoes:

1. Wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles when wearing anti-static four-hole shoes.

2. The place where the anti-static shoes are used should be an anti-static floor. Wear anti-static four-hole shoes should be used with anti-static clothing.

3. Everyone pays attention to the cleanliness, waterproofness and moisture resistance of the product in order to ensure a good anti-static effect.