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Which fatal factors will lead to the scrapping of ESD shoes

Jun 28, 2018

Which fatal factors will lead to the scrapping of ESD shoes

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At present, ESD shoes as one of the necessary equipment for clean rooms has been more and more people pay attention. Therefore, the cleaning process that affects the anti-static function is very important and cannot be cleaned on its own. SAFETY WORKING TECH, the following manufacturer of anti-static shoes, shares with you a few points about the fatal factors that can lead to the scrapping of ESD shoes.

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1. Be careful not to use chemical washing liquid, and the soaking time should not exceed 3 hours, otherwise the ESD shoes will lose the original anti-static effect. In severe cases, it will even speed up the scrapping speed of ESD shoes.

2. Don't wear sandals when you wear ESD shoes. Especially when cleaning, repeated rubbing can cause the conductive fibers inside the shoes to break. If the conductive fibers break, you can't let the static electricity discharge to the earth. It will also be easy to scrape clean shoes early.

3. During the transportation of anti static shoes, it is forbidden to come in contact with high temperature or direct sunlight. It is believed that in high temperatures, especially in the summer, esd shoes are prone to electrostatic induction and generate electrostatic sparks, causing fires.

4. During the process of storing esd dust-free shoes, do not put it in a humid environment. Make sure it is placed in a dry and ventilated warehouse. Because the cleanroom esd shoes in a humid environment are prone to mildew, once the mildew degenerates, the anti static esd shoes will be scrapped. Now.

The cleaning process of esd shoes greatly determines its service life, so choosing the right cleaning process can effectively prolong the life of esd shoes.