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Which industries need to wear ESD garments

Apr 19, 2018

Which industries need to wear ESD garments?

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1. Transportation industry: When the aircraft body is in contact with air, water vapor, dust and other particles, it will cause the aircraft to be electrified. If no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft's radio equipment and make the aircraft become scorpions and rakes.
2. Printing industry: In the printing industry, the static electricity between the sheets of paper will cause the sheets to stick together, making it difficult to separate them and causing trouble for printing.
3. Pharmaceutical industry: Due to the electrostatic attraction of dust, the purity of the drug will not be met.
4. Energy industry: It is possible that an explosion may occur due to the ignition of certain flammable objects by static electricity sparks.
5. Electronic industry: Since static electricity will affect the mutual interference of electronic products, the accuracy will be affected.


In fact, in every industry, the working environment in the working environment is very dirty every day. All the ESD clothing we wear is also kept clean every day. The most important part of the daily maintenance of anti-static clothing is cleaning, because of its special features, usually clean and quiet clothes 1-2 times a week, cleaning 50-100 times should be tested to determine whether to abandon.