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Why do we use esd clothes and esd shoes

Mar 27, 2018

Why do we use esd clothes and esd shoes?

Many employees of electronic companies nowadays need to wear anti-static and dust-free clothes when they work. Unexplained employees may have certain resistance to wearing clean clothes.
First of all, let's talk about the impact of static electricity on electronic components in electronics factories.
1. Electrostatic adsorption of dust, change the impedance between lines, affect the function of the product and the number of life.
2. The component cannot be operated (completely damaged) due to the electric field or current damaging the component's insulation or conductors.
3. Due to the momentary electric field or the heat of the current attack, the component is injured and can still work, and the number of longevity is impaired.
Everything from the production of a component to the process of its destruction has been subject to static electricity, and the onset of these static electricity is also random. Because the onset and discharge of static electricity is an instant attack, and difficult to guess and protect. Therefore, it is necessary for the electronics factory operators to use the qualified anti-static and dust-free clothes to protect the products. It is best to wear anti-static clothes that are also real conductive.