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Why does the anti-static clothes have no distinction between male and female styles

Jun 14, 2018

Why does the anti-static clothes have no distinction between male and female styles?

In fact, the main purpose of wearing anti-static clothes is to protect electrostatic sensitive products from harm, but also to protect the health of employees in flammable and explosive industries and places, so that employees can better serve businesses, in the event of subdivided male and female The corresponding costs will also increase.

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Anti-static clothes is designed to prevent static electricity from accumulating on garments. Anti-static fabrics are used as fabrics and work clothes are sewn according to the specified style and structure. In fact, as a professional and special workwear, the design of anti-static clothing is not clearly defined by men and women.

At present, many manufacturers have increased the color of anti-static clothing more choices, in the case of a consistent style, according to the choice of red or blue as a simple distinction, of course, in the choice of models, or according to With the right size to make purchases, no company will work for unisex employees to wear clothes of the wrong size.

Nowadays, among various enterprises, especially the medical industry, white is the main color of work clothes, and for special inspection personnel, it needs matching anti-static clothes, and it is mostly white, which directly defines the styles or colors of men and women for esd uniforms. Unity.