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Why wear esd shoes

Jul 13, 2018

Why wear esd shoes?

Speaking of anti-static shoes, everyone simply thinks that this is a shoe with anti-static properties. Specifically, in order to avoid fire, burning and other static sparks caused by the static charge of the human body. In the accident, anti-static shoes are produced. The anti-static shoes function to direct static electricity to the earth, which not only removes static electricity, but also removes dust from the clean room.

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1. Anti-static shoes can be used together with anti-static ground to remove static electricity from the human body, direct static electricity to the ground, and remove dust from the clean room.

2. According to the anti-static principle of anti-static shoes, after the static electricity is directed to the ground, the index of product qualification can be improved and the work efficiency can be improved.

3. Anti-static shoes are particularly smart and lightweight. Because the middle layer of the sole is made of anti-static EVA, the pressure on the feet is relieved and comfortable to wear. The fabrics are PVC, canvas, conductive silk, T/C fabric and so on. The finished product is firm and beautiful, non-slip, and is 5 times more wear-resistant than ordinary soles, and is more environmentally friendly.

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Also provide you with some tips on anti-static shoes:

1. When you buy anti-static shoes, you should pay attention to the manufacturer to provide test reports, meet the national standard GB4385-1995 inspection, should be specific to the hardness, wear resistance and thickness of the shoes and tension.

2. During the use of anti-static shoes, generally speaking, the resistance test is not more than 200h. If the resistance value is not within the parameter range, it cannot be used.