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Ionizing Air Fan

Ionizer Overhead SL-003

Ionizer Overhead SL-003
Brand:Dr. Schneider PC
Warranty:More than one year
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Static eliminator overhead Ionizer Overhead SL-003

1.Ionizer Overhead SL-003 product details

Current consumption1.25A or 0.62A
Air output120~330CFM
Operating temperature-10 ~50°c
Noise59dB (minimum) 69dB (maximum)
Body aluminum alloy
Surfaceelectrostatic spraying
Ion balance0V±10V
Amount of ozone0.03PPM(The wind speed is the smallest, the front of  fan is 6 inches.)

2.Features for SL-003 Ionizer

SL-003 Overhead Antistatic Electric Air Blower produces an air flow that is rich in positive and negative ions. Directing the air flow on an object that has static electricity charge will neutralize the charge. If the object has a negative static charge, it will draw positive ions from the air flow. Conversely, if the object has a positive static charge, it will draw negative ions from the air flow. The air ions are attracted to the oppositely charged object and neutralize the charge on the object.  

The SL-003 Overhead Antistatic Electric Air Blower has three small fans to produce air flow. The volume of air flow is controlled by a variable speed control which provides a wide range of air flow settings. The ionizing elements are energized with a low current, high voltage transformer. The transformer contains a current limiting resistor which enhances ionization stability and provides for safety. It is this electric field that creates alternating polarity ions in the air flow. The SL-003 Overhead Antistatic Electric Air Blower also features a patented built-in emitter point cleaner. Using the point cleaner takes only seconds, cleaning the emitter points on a weekly basis prevents the built-up airborne debris all electrical ionizers are prone to. This keeps your antistatic ionizing air blower in the top form for the life of the unit.

3.Ionizer Overhead SL-003 images

Ionizer air blower

Package for SL-003 ionizer


Ionizers are ideally used in industrial environments such as delicate electronic products, electronic assembly line,medical device manufacturing and assembly lines, printing, packaging, and small part injection molding.

5.Payment terms

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6.Why choose us?

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7.Packing & Shipping

SL-003 Ionizing air blower:

Single package size: 120X28X30 cm

Single gross weight:13.0 kg

Package Type:1set/box

Lead Time :

Quantity(Set)1-50 SETS3 DAYS
Est. Time(day)More than 50 SETSTo be negotiated

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