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Ionizing Air Fan

Ionizing air blower

Ionizing air blower
Brand:Dr. Schneider Brand
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Dr. Schneider Brand SL-001,SL-002,SL-003 Ionizing air blower

1.Ionizing air fan Details

Products Name: Ionizing Worktop ionizer

MOQ: 5 sets

Brand: Dr. Schneider PC

Model: SL-001,SL-002,SL-003,SL-004,SL-010,SL-1104,FC-002B etc

This ionizing air blower can generate a large amount of airflow with positive and negative charges for neutralizing the charge on the object. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will absorb the positive charge in the airflow. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it will absorb the negative charge in the airflow, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized. , to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.

It has a small fan to provide wind power, and the size of the wind can be adjusted within a large range by the speed control switch. The ion balance voltage is continuously adjustable, and a feedback control circuit is provided. Balance voltage can be stabilized in a very low position. It can eliminate or neutralize static charges in a wide range of concentrated targets or areas that are not easily accessible.

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3. Qualification


4. Application for Ionizing air blower

5. Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Also accept monthly closing.

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6. FAQ for Ionizing air blower

1) What models do you have for Ionizing air blower, Ionizing air fan?

SL-001, SL-002, SL-003, SL-004, SL-010, SL-1104, FC-002B etc

2) Are you manufacturing these Ionizing air blower, Ionizing air fan by your own factory?

Yes, We're a manufacturer for ESD products for around 8 years.Also have more than 500 workers and 3 plants.

3) What's your warranty for Ionizing products?

One year for all Ionizers.

7. Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail for SL-001 Ionizing air blower:1set/carton,Carton size:35cm*20cm*40cm.Gross weight:3kgs.

Delivery Time: 1-3 days


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