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SL-010 Horizontal Electric Static Bench Air Ionizer

Bench Air Ionizer
Brand:Dr. Schneider PC
Warranty:More than one year
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SL-010 Horizontal Electric Static Bench Air Ionizer

1.SL-010 Ionizer technical parameters 

The SL-010 horizontal ionizer is a special device for eliminating static electricity. It is a kind of Slade ion fan series. It has the characteristics of simple installation, stable operation and fast elimination of static electricity.

Operating voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Current consumption: 1.65A or 3.3A

Air output: 45~190CFM

Operating temperature: 0~50°C

Noise: minimum 55dB maximum 65dB

Dimensions: 570 (L) × 230 (W) × 171 (H) mm

Weight: 8.8kg

Ozone amount: 0.05PPM (6 inches in front of the fan)

Chassis: Ferroalloy

Surface: electrostatic spraying

Ion balance: ≤ ± 10V

Applications:They are ideally used in industrial environments such as delicate electronic products, electronic assembly line, medical device manufacturing and assembly lines, printing, packaging, and small part injection molding etc.
Ion balance voltage is ≤ +/-10V.


2.Testing result for SL-010 ionizer

Testing Condition:

Operating Voltage: 110V/220V,
Testing Voltage: 1kV to 100V,
Temperature: 22°C  

Left 300mm1.5s2.8s3.9s5.6s
Right 300mm1.4s2.8s3.8s5.9s



  • Neutralize static electricity quickly

  • Large area of ion gas coverage

  • Wide range of wind regulation

  • There are special examples of transmitter cleaning

  • Special cold air heating device

  • The fan has good grounding protection

4.SL-010 horizontal air blower images

5.Payment Terms

TT Wire Transfer,Western Union,Paypal, L/C,Cash

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6.Product Warranty&Service

The company strictly abides by: the quality of products first, the credibility of the first, the customer first, the following commitments to the product:

SL-010 horizontal ion fan anti-static fan electrostatic dust removal fan

1. Warranty period

The warranty period of the products sold by the company is one year. The company will repair the products free of charge due to the quality problems caused by the product's own parts, materials and process problems within one year from the date of sale.

2. After the warranty period

After the warranty period of the products sold by the company, it is still responsible for the labor-free repair of the products to protect the interests of customers.

SL-010 horizontal ion fan anti-static fan electrostatic dust removal fan


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