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35L Esd Waste Bin

Apr 17, 2018

35L esd waste bin

Anti-static waste bin Usage:
It is mainly used in dust-free workshops to store unwanted garbage and electronic waste.
In the workshop does not rub the static electricity to destroy the electronic product performance.
It is recommended to use an anti-static garbage bag when used, so that it is convenient to store and not contaminate the inside of the barrel and avoid cleaning the trash.

Widely used in clean room, purification plant, light power plant, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory, electrical plant electronic equipment, wafers, LCD / LCM / LED, optoelectronics, chip semiconductors, laser heads, pharmaceutical chemicals, precision instruments , Health care equipment, microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, electronic components, optoelectronic products, electronic devices, liquid crystal products, optoelectronic integrated products and other products in aerospace manufacturing, etc. field.