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Anti-slip ESD Shoes Cover

Jul 02, 2018

Anti-slip ESD shoes cover

Our factory can supply Anti slip ESD shoes cover with mark as below:

Anti-slip shoes cover.png

Non-woven thick esd shoe covers,disposable conductive shoe covers, non-woven conductive shoe covers

Product specifications: 

35g fabric; Tile size max length 34cm*15cm; effective retractable size length 40cm*15cm Product Packing: 100pcs/bag Product advantages: This anti-static shoe cover thick wear-resistant dust-free workshop, precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, etc. can be used! Efficiently eliminates static electricity, and the anti-static index reaches 10Λ6Ω~10Λ9Ω. This anti-static shoe cover is suitable for high clean and dust-free environment and can be used for 10~10000 dust-free environment. Product Description: Eco-friendly high-quality thick non-woven anti-static shoes Cover, excellent air permeability, easy to use, safe, reliable, original imported conductive strip processing and production, this anti-static shoe covers can pass 100% anti-static testing, friction voltage <100V, can prevent the body of static electricity on the anti-static sensitive components Damage, at the same time to prevent dust from leaking from the bottom of the shoe to pollute the dust-free workshop, the factory visits the VIP use, eliminating the trouble of slippers, cheap, disposable, eliminating the need for cleaning inconvenience to purchase: This anti-static shoes cover, factory direct sales, Boli Multi-selling, support bulk wholesale!

Precautions for use:Please put the conductive strips in socks to keep in close contact with the body