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Anti-static Bag For Packaging Of Sensitive Electronic Components

Jul 09, 2018

Anti-static bag for packaging of sensitive electronic components

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The anti-static bag is used for packaging of sensitive electronic original devices, and more anti-static PE bags (red or blue anti-static PE bags) or anti-static shielding bags. The function of Shenzhen electrostatic bag is mainly reflected in anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof vapor permeation, anti-salt fog and many other functions. Because PE bags are cheaper and cheaper, the anti-static shielding bags have better anti-static effects than anti-static PE bags, so they are most commonly used in some important electronic original devices such as diodes and motherboards. As a large-scale anti-static bag manufacturer in Shenzhen, the daily inquiry of customers is quite natural, and there are many helplessness in the inquiry. From the big category, they belong to anti-static bags. Many customers are questioning why our factory price is more expensive than some wholesale and retail prices. In the planned production, the production enterprises are also faced with abnormal stocks caused by factors such as zero-time changes in customer demand and returns due to quality problems. In order to ensure the strict quality requirements of the products supplied to customers, anti-static bag manufacturers must operate like this, and they must sacrifice small profits, and will not damage the company's reputation and do measures that damage the quality of customers' products.


What is the secret of this? As is known to all, the anti-static bags in the market are mostly conventional anti-static bags, that is, the permanent anti-static effect is not achieved. The production enterprises are all made according to the specifications and quantity requirements of customers, and will not be used as wholesale and retail. use. The inner and outer layers of the material are made of a transparent antistatic material, and the middle is a translucent conductive metal layer, thus having good antistatic and electrostatic shielding functions. Its design and selection of materials are more particular, the unique four-layer structure can form the "induction cover" effect to protect the bag from the electrostatic field to separate the stone rock shielding bag. In addition, the inner layer is composed of static ethylene, anti-static function is superior. . According to common sense, this phenomenon is not normal.

Some products are sensitive to the withstand voltage value and are afraid of vibration. In this case, an anti-static aluminum foil bubble bag is needed. The special function of the shielding bag and the special structural measures, the bright shielding bag can achieve good anti-static and anti-radiation effects. The anti-static bubble bag is to press the anti-static aluminum foil bag and the anti-static PE bubble bag together to avoid the damage caused by the vibration and the static electricity. There are many kinds of anti-static composite materials similar to those derived, and the purpose is to make appropriate packaging protection scheme according to the needs of different products, so as to achieve anti-static effect.