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Anti-static Chair

Jun 01, 2018

How to choose the best anti-static chair?


The anti-static chair is a work product used in various electronic companies, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical work rooms. In addition to the function of an ordinary chair, the anti-static chair also has anti-static function, which is through its own anti-static material. Anti-static wheels, grounding chain, anti-static floor, grounding system and other facilities to discharge static electricity to achieve.

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Anti-static chair basically consists of three parts: anti-static chair, anti-static chair support, anti-static chair caster foot cup composed of three parts. Its main principle is to use the anti-static chair and anti-static shoes to make the human body "connected" or "grounded" with the earth to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge.

So how to choose a good anti-static chair?

1. A good anti-static chair First indicator, the so-called index is the surface resistance of the chair and the bottom resistance, only when the chair really exists surface resistance and resistance to the ground can provide guarantee for the employees' production environment.

2. Chairs must be dust-free, because at present, many of the company's workshops are precision cleanrooms, and dust pollution is strictly forbidden. Anti-static chairs are used in such workshops, so they must have dust-free sporadic properties.