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Anti-static Clothes

Jun 09, 2018

Do not think that the cleaning of anti-static clothes is very simple

As we all know, the use of anti-static clothing and management need to have the correct method, not sloppy. The most important part of the management of anti-static clothing is cleaning. It is best for companies to choose a professional cleaning company for cleaning. If there is oil in the anti-static clothing that has been recovered, the oil should be carefully removed before the washing process.

  cleanroom esd clothes.jpg

Wash, break, buckle, and other accessories must be inspected before washing, and repair, replacement, or scrapping of defective parts. It must be cleaned, dried, and packaged in a clean room that is cleaner than a clean room using work clothes. In order to remove water-soluble contaminants, they are washed with fresh water and finally washed with distilled solvent to remove oily contaminants.

Anti-static clothing with a buckle should be washed in the buckled state. Dry in a dedicated clean air circulation system. After drying, it is folded in a clean room for washing, packed in a clean polyester bag or nylon bag, and can be packed in double layers upon request. It can also be vacuum sealed. The packaging material is preferably made of materials with good antistatic properties. Since the folding process is most likely to generate dust, the folding process must be carried out in a high-level clean room. For example, a 100-level clean work clothes fold package should be performed in a class 10 environment.

Anti-static clothing cleaning is not easy. If you feel very simple at first, you should change your mind from now on and follow the above methods strictly to increase the service life of your anti-static clothing.