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Anti-static Clothing

Jul 06, 2018

Whether the cleanroom clothing accessories should also be carefully selected?

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Anti-static clothing manufacturers and everyone to understand it!

The accessories required for the clean clothes in the production process are generally divided into zippers, hooks, elastic bands and buttons. Of course, many small classifications are included. For example, the buttons are divided into many types, small, medium and large buckles. Buttons, etc., a variety of styles.

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In fact, these production auxiliary materials can play a huge role in the production process of  cleanroom clothes. If they are not, they can't do the clothes to sell them. What about other things?

Everyone should believe that a penny is worth the goods. If you use a good quality accessory, it will not be easy to break in the later use. However, if you use the defective material for the sake of cheap, then the time will definitely be used. Lowering, the later maintenance costs will follow, and if you lose the trust of the customer, it will not be worth the candle.