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Anti-static Clothing

Jul 11, 2018

Anti-static clothing

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Anti-static clothing is also called cleanroom clothes, sterile work clothes, anti-static overalls.

1. Because the anti-static clothing has very detailed standards in all aspects of production, to limit its quality. Specifically, the fabrics and garments are rigorously tested by various testing equipment, and electrostatic properties and dust emission tests are performed by the garment itself and the simulated working state.

2. It has good anti-static and dustproof effect. It is usually used in a higher-level clean room. By using it with a mask, it can prevent the micro-chamber from being left in various parts of the body and can be used in the CLASS10 environment. Specifically, it is a production area that requires high ESD and purification levels, such as the general electronics industry, pharmaceutical product manufacturing, semiconductor industry, and chip manufacturing.

3. The three-piece suit cover covers coveralls, soft-soled shoes and shawl caps, and the shawl cap is integrated with the coverall.

4. Both men and women can use it, the waist is adjusted with rubber bands, and the cuffs and feet are also adjusted with rubber bands.

5. The best way to prevent static electricity is to inlay into high-density polyester filament fabric by conductive fibers at a distance of 5 mm.

6. The life of the clean clothes is as follows: 30 minutes in the high temperature 121 degree sterilization, the number of times can be washed 100 times, the use time is 1~2 years, anti-static, dustproof, anti-bacterial performance is stable.

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