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Anti-static Clothing Stripes And Grid Which Anti-static Performance Is Better

Jul 27, 2018

Anti-static clothing stripes and grid which anti-static performance is better

The fabric of the antistatic suit can be divided into stripes and grid, which are distinguished by the arrangement of the conductive fibers. Grid anti-static clothing has better anti-static properties than striped anti-static clothing because the grid has a higher density of conductive fibers than stripes.

In the general electronics industry, it is enough to use 0.5 grid anti-static clothing. If the dust-free requirements are not very high, you can use anti-static smashing. If the dust-free requirements are very high, it is recommended to use 0.5 grid or 0.25 grid. Anti-static coveralls. However, relatively speaking, the price of anti-static jumpsuit is greater than that of anti-static split suit, and the price of anti-static split suit is greater than that of anti-static. Of course, according to the purchase volume, Suzhou Yihetong will give corresponding discounts.

anti-static esd fabric.jpg

Anti-static clothing needs to be cleaned. The anti-static coveralls produced by our company can maintain the life of about two years. If there is a surface resistance tester, put two large electrodes in different positions of the clothes, sleeves or sleeves to the body.

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The durability of the anti-static clothing depends on the sewing work. The stitched wire also needs to be an anti-static wire. The stitching must be fine and firm.