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Anti-static Clothing That Is Cheaper Than Fashion Clothing

May 03, 2018

In recent years, due to the vigorous development of science and technology and socialized productivity, we can clearly see that many companies and factories are inevitably linked to static electricity, especially in the areas of gunpowder, chemicals, medicine, and petroleum. All of them need to wear anti-static clothing. This rule is designed to protect people's lives. Compared with the clothes we wear in our lives, the price of anti-static clothing is not very expensive. In comparison, it is relatively cheap. Anti-static clothing is a kind of inexpensive clothing, which has a certain role in promoting production and living.

Anti-static clothing varies according to the type of price.Can be divided into one-piece anti-static clothing and split anti-static clothing, Siamese electrostatic clothing due to clothes and pants tightly linked together, to a large extent, reduce the occurrence of static electricity, so it is relatively cheap compared with split electrostatic clothes expensive. Anti-static clothing is different because of the different prices of the materials. According to the season, anti-static clothing can be divided into winter overalls, summer overalls, long-sleeved overalls, and short-sleeved overalls.