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Anti-static Cordless Wrist Strap

Jul 04, 2018

Anti-static cordless wrist strap

The anti-static wrist strap is based on the physical principle of (static voltage balance). It is developed according to the principle of “static engineering” static electricity, which is transmitted by the squeezing method between ions. The squeezing characteristics push the human body's electrostatic ions into the design of the drought main body (collection area). The [charge induction principle] will make the front and back surfaces of the conductive plate carry the "equal isotropic charge"-skin effect, due to the built-in area The ion exchanger <Using its low free energy characteristic> can easily provide the isotropic charge of the introduced electrostatic ions to neutralize, so that the effect of electrostatic venting can be achieved, and a screw and internal conductor loop are provided outside the machine. coupling.

cordless wrist strap.jpg

(1) It can be used as a person to improperly touch the high static power source, causing a large amount of static charge to be introduced instantaneously. When the ion is not neutralized, the ion neutralization can be provided by the external air water molecules of the screw (for the Corona discharge effect) ), effective static elimination, and the ultimate goal of achieving (static voltage balance).

(2) This screw can be used to make the potential zero function (just touch the screw to ground).

(3) It can be used as a loop detection terminal.