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Anti-static Coverall

Jul 28, 2018

Anti-static coverall

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Due to the different industries, the requirements for the cleanliness of the working environment are also different. Accordingly, the antistatic performance requirements for antistatic clothing are also different. Anti-static clothing is sorted according to its anti-static performance from low to high, namely: anti-static big smash, anti-static split suit, anti-static jumpsuit. Due to the tightness of the anti-static jumpsuit structure, its dust-proof capability is difficult to achieve in general anti-static clothing.

In order to purchase anti-static clothing, in addition to considering the antistatic and dusting properties of the antistatic clothing itself, as well as resistance to dirt and washing, it is also necessary to consider its packaging.

Enterprises that need anti-static coveralls generally have clean rooms with very high dust-free grades, so the cleaning requirements for anti-static suits are also high. When purchasing anti-static clothing, please pay attention to the regular anti-static clothing manufacturer will pack anti-static coveralls in the corresponding dust-free room, sealing tightly, and never let the external dust in the transportation process close to the anti-static clothing itself, so The cleanliness of the anti-static clothing is ensured so as not to damage the cleanliness of the clean room.

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