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Anti-static Esd Cap

Jun 16, 2018

Anti-static esd cap

【Introduction】: The anti-static cap adopts a composite spinning technology. After the conductive carbon powder is thoroughly mixed with the molten nylon, it is composited with the base nylon through a special spinning hole to form a two-component conductive fiber. The outer layer is an ultra-thin, batch-shaped conductive polymer with extremely high conductivity, and the interior is completely nylon 6 polymer, which is then synthesized by a trimming seam.

ESD cap.jpg

[Fabric specifications]: Process carbon ion and nylon composite conductive layer nylon.

【Features】: Good anti-static properties.

[product specifications]: S, M, L, XL, XXL XXXL, XXXXL, a variety of specifications to choose from, can also be customized according to your needs!

[Product color]: White, light blue, blue, dark blue, light yellow, yellow, pink, red, light green, green, orange, gray, black and other colors are available for users to choose.

Pink esd cap.jpg

[Adaptation scope]: LCD product manufacturing, LED product manufacturing, electronic product manufacturing, magnetic head product manufacturing, chip product manufacturing, communication product manufacturing, computer product manufacturing, food product manufacturing, pharmaceutical product manufacturing, Manufacturing areas such as semiconductor manufacturing that require antistatic and cleanliness levels.