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Anti-static Gloves Selection

Aug 02, 2018

Anti-static gloves selection

In the current production and life, anti-static gloves are less recycled, although the usual maintenance will extend the life of the gloves, but most operators now choose to change gloves.

ESD fabric gloves.jpg

Since faced with the status quo above, how can we find a more effective way to extend the life of gloves? At present, there is only one way to choose gloves. As the saying goes, there is a diamond drill that can be used for porcelain work, and different characteristics according to different environments. Gloves choose gloves to achieve a win-win result.

Some people will say, as long as you are willing to spend money to buy good things, this is only half, use gloves to say that you use anti-static gloves in the place with grease, what will happen? The result is yours. Cotton gloves can become disposable gloves. The correct way is to use plastic gloves. Cotton gloves are more expensive than plastic gloves but the results are not satisfactory.

ESD nitrile gloves.jpg

Therefore, the choice of gloves should be combined with the basic characteristics of anti-static gloves. Here are some basic characteristics of gloves. According to the materials, they can be divided into cotton, plastic, plastic, latex, nylon, etc. It is a clean type, elastic type, breathable type, anti-static type, etc.

In summary, the selection of the anti-static gloves is not so easy. The information provided above hopes to help you.