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Anti-static Grid Tape

Jun 09, 2018

Anti-static grid tape

When used, only static voltage below 50V is produced (General tape ≥ 5000V, which greatly reduces the electrostatic hazard generated by the product packaging. The external resistance value is <10^9Ω. The static discharge time <0.5 length 36m width can be made according to user's requirements. Adhere to electrostatic sensitive devices, packaging bags and other electronic products packaging.

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Anti-static tape surface resistance 10 ^ 6Ω-10 ^ 9Ω. Releasing voltage <50V is used for circuit boards, notebook computers, and mobile phone communications, etc. External packaging and clean room for static electricity products are required.

According to the use can be divided into two categories:

Anti-static type and warning type.

1. Anti-static tape is divided into two types: mesh tape and transparent tape. It has anti-static function and can be used for packaging of electronic products.

2. The anti-static warning tape itself does not have anti-static function, and the surface is printed with an anti-static label, which can be used as an alert for electrostatic sensitive products or anti-static areas.

Anti-static grid tape:

Made of anti-static OPP material.

It has the characteristic of discharging electrostatic charge and has transparency.

When used, only static voltage below 100V (typically ≥ 5000V)

Greatly reduce the electrostatic hazards generated by the product package.

The surface resistance is <10^9Ω.

Electrostatic discharge time <0.5s.

36m long, width can be made according to user needs.

Suitable for sticking electrostatic sensitive devices, bag sealing and other electronic product packaging.

Anti-static transparent tape:

The surface of the OPP film is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive added with an antistatic agent and is made of an antistatic treatment.

The whole volume is light yellow, but completely transparent after pulling.

The plastic surface resistance value is 10^8Ω-10^10Ω.

Relief voltage <50V.

Used for circuit board, notebook computer, mobile phone communication, etc. It needs external packaging and clean room for antistatic products.