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Anti-static Liquid To Provide Lasting And Efficient Static Dissipative Function

Jan 30, 2018

Anti-static liquid coating on the surface of the object, the formation of a very thin transparent film, providing lasting and efficient static dissipative function, can effectively eliminate the electrostatic accumulation of friction to prevent electrostatic interference and dust adhesion, and maintain a transparent and beautiful appearance, Humidity is still below 20% effective. Pinuo anti-static liquid according to the use of anti-static performance can last from a month to several months. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-polluting, safe to use. Applicable to the control of static electricity requirements of the desktop, countertops, plastic products, packaging products, storage boxes, trays, blankets, fabrics and other items surface.

Depending on the shape, size and surface condition of the article to be coated, a suitable coating method is selected: spray coating, roller coating, flannel coating, dip coating and the like.

Professional use, use in a well-ventilated environment, not near the source of fire. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse with water or to the hospital. Please seal the container when not in use, to avoid contact with children.

1, the plastic products (PVC, PET, PE, PMMA, PP, PS, PC, etc.) the surface of the packaging products to eliminate static electricity,

2, electronic components, electronic components storage box, IC tray, pipe and other surface anti-static

3, the production process, transportation, receiving process due to electrostatic discharge damage to electronic devices

4, Effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by the projection material due to high-speed operation, so that the treated products reach the standard effect of non-stick dust, clean and bright

5, 1 gallon can cover about 4000-4500 square feet