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Anti-static Mesh Shoes

Feb 06, 2019

Anti-static mesh shoes

Anti-static shoes are widely used in the electronics industry and semiconductor industry. They are one of the necessary protective products for workers and have been welcomed by the industry.

 Anti-static shoes have the same function, but they are various in style. They are mainly divided into anti-static mesh shoes, anti-static towel shoes and anti-static high boots. They all have good anti-static properties, but they also have different At the office. The following is a brief introduction for everyone.

Anti-static mesh shoes are used more. These shoes are breathable and comfortable, and they are worn in summer and autumn. However, this anti-static shoes cannot be used in clean and dust-free areas where high cleanliness is required because they cannot Completely dustproof. Anti-static towel shoes are the opposite, it is a real shoes, its breathability is not as good as anti-static mesh shoes, but the warmth is much higher than anti-static mesh shoes, anti-static cotton shoes are also in anti-static shoes Based on the addition of cotton linings. The anti-static high boots are made of anti-static cloth and are made of anti-static cloth, which is used together with anti-static jumpsuits for high-grade dust-free clean areas.