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Anti-static Safety Shoes

Jul 27, 2018

Anti-static safety shoes

Anti-static shoes are a kind of work shoes worn to reduce and eliminate static electricity. They are used in precision electronics, semiconductors, communication equipment, biological laboratories, petrochemicals, medical and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used to eliminate static electricity accumulation in the human body, and can prevent power clicks below 250 volts. It is an important protective product to protect product quality and safety and protect employees' safety.

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Anti-static work shoes There is no exact age, if you must say, then you can use it for about two years under normal circumstances. However, depending on the actual use of the operator and the working environment, the life of the anti-static shoes will be affected. During the time when the anti-static shoes are worn, it is necessary to regularly perform the performance test of the anti-static shoes. According to the standard of GB4386-84, the resistance of the soles of the anti-static shoes must be between 10 and 5 to the power of 9.

Due to the special nature of the electronics industry, production operations are very susceptible to static electricity. Anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes are essential protective equipment. If the protection of anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes is lost, the quality of the products will be seriously affected, and the economic losses caused to the enterprise will be enormous.

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