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Anti-static Shielding Bag

Jun 11, 2018

Anti-static shielding bag 

Electrostatic shielding prevents the instrument or working environment inside the metal conductor shell from being affected by external electric fields, nor does it affect the external electric field. Some electronic devices or measuring equipment must be electrostatically shielded to avoid interference. For example, a grounded metal cover or a denser metal mesh cover on an indoor high-voltage equipment cover, and a metal tube on an electronic tube. For example, as a full-wave rectification or bridge rectification power transformer, a metal foil or an enameled wire is wrapped and grounded between the primary winding and the secondary winding to achieve shielding effect. In high-voltage electrification work, the worker wears a pressure equalizing cloth woven with a wire or conductive fiber to protect the human body from shielding. In the production process of the electronics industry, there are also products that use electrostatic shielding principles. The types and characteristics of several anti-static bags in the electronics industry are described below.

1) Shielding anti-static seal bag

It is an anti-static agent imported from Polyethylene and Germany and blown from special machinery. It is easy to pack and close with your fingers. Can reduce your complex packaging procedures, can be used for electronic components, PC boards, etc... The surface resistance value is 109-1011 Ω.

2) PE red anti-static bag

The anti-static bag is the best packaging material for the printed circuit board, so that the static electricity generated by the printed circuit board can be reliably released to avoid damage. Technical specifications are as follows: in line with MIL-B-81705B; internal and external surface resistance 103 ~ ≤ 1011 Ω; electrostatic release time <2 seconds.

3) Anti-static shielding bag

In order to make plastics shield electromagnetic waves, it is necessary to use antistatic agents for metallization of plastics, which has a good shielding effect. Surface resistance: 106Ω-109Ω

4) Anti-static bubble bags

The anti-static bubble bag and bubble chip can prevent the product from being damaged due to impact or static electricity during the production handling and transportation. This bag is suitable for the packaging of electrostatic sensitive electronic products.

5) Anti-static bag

It is suitable for the transportation and packaging of electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products such as PCB and IC. With anti-static, moisture-proof features. The inner and outer layers of the anti-static moisture-proof bag are composed of transparent anti-static materials. The middle layer is an aluminum foil with excellent barrier properties and conductivity. Therefore, it has good anti-static, moisture-proof and electromagnetic shielding properties and has a silvery white appearance. It is mainly used in the electrostatic sensitive, and at the same time, it needs the packaging of electronic products that prevent moisture and electromagnetic interference.

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