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Anti-static Shoes Are Necessary For Anti-static Clothing

Aug 07, 2018

Anti-static shoes are necessary for anti-static clothing

Due to the requirements of the manufacturer, the current anti-static shoes not only need to have anti-static function, but also need to use low-dusting materials to suppress the dust generated by people walking in the clean room. Suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronics factory clean workshops, laboratories, etc. The anti-static work shoes are made of PU material or PU material, and the anti-slip material is used for the sole. It can absorb sweat and deodorant, and can achieve the functions of anti-slip and anti-static. It is integrally formed with the upper and then strengthened on the line. It can effectively leak static electricity and form a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing.

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In a clean room environment, when the staff walks, the body and clothing will generate static electricity, and static electricity will cause electrostatic discharge. Therefore, anti-static shoes play a certain role in the working environment of the clean room. Anti-static shoes can introduce static electricity generated by the human body into the earth through anti-static shoes. Wearing anti-static shoes is the most effective and reliable way to discharge the electrostatic charge of the human body, and it also effectively suppresses the dust generated by the human body in the clean room. By wearing anti-static shoes, the human body is connected to the earth to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge. Control the adverse effects of human body electrostatic charge on the production line and the human body, and improve the product.

When anti-static, only pay attention to anti-static clothing, and ignore the static shoes, especially anti-static protective shoes.

The outer sole material of the anti-static protective shoes uses rubber, polyurethane, etc., which can insulate the human foot from the ground and prevent the protection of electric shock. It can eliminate the static electricity accumulation of the human body and prevent the electric shock of the power supply below 250V. Of course, the insulation of the sole must be considered to prevent electric shock or electric shock. It is used in automobile manufacturing, chemical petroleum, logistics transportation, shipbuilding, smelting, electronics, chemical industry. Use in flammable and explosive environments. The electrostatic ion is safely guided to prevent sparks from being generated by electrostatic ions.

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A unique antistatic formulation is used to achieve a power of 10 from 7 to 10 9 ohms.

Antistatic, long-lasting, non-toxic, compatible with polyurethane, does not affect the processing and performance of the product,

When purchasing a shoe, the company's purchasing personnel must be flexible when pressing with a finger. It feels like not sticking to the hand and bending softly. The state has clearly defined the performance and hardness of the outsole of anti-static protective shoes, and it is tested by folding resistance, abrasion tester and hardness tester.