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Anti-static Shoes Parameters And Scope Of Application

Aug 01, 2018

Anti-static shoes parameters and scope of application

Anti-static shoes are mainly used to prevent static electricity (such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics, etc.) from being exposed to static electricity, which may cause burning, explosion, etc. Static electricity can prevent electric shocks of electric currents below 250V. It can be divided into two categories: anti-static shoes and anti-static slippers.

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Anti-static shoes can be basically divided into:

1, low-top shoes: in the towel shoes (full of shoes), hole (eye) shoes, mesh (face) shoes.

2, sleeve boots: soft bottom boots, hard bottom boots and so on.

3, anti-smash shoes: steel toe shoes

In order to ensure the rapid elimination of static electricity accumulated by the human body, the resistance of the ground when working normally should be no more than 1.0×10^8Ω; anti-static shoes also have certain requirements when worn, the bottom of the shoes should not be insulated with insulating impurities, and at the same time waterproof , moisture-proof; pay attention to avoid wearing thick socks at the same time, as well as insulating insoles. The resistance of the anti-static shoe sole must be in the range of 0.5×10^5 Ω to 1.0×10^8 Ω. The resistance value of the sole should be measured after wearing for 200 hours to ensure that the resistance value of the shoe is within the specified range. When measuring the resistance value of it, we should pay attention to the following points:

 1. First place the vulcanized new shoes for more than 24 hours, then place them in the temperature and humidity environment required for measurement for more than 2 hours, in order to measure the most standard answer.

 2. Connect the circuit, the measuring voltage applied to the shoe is 500±25V, the electric power should not exceed 3W, and the contact between the shoe body and the measuring electrode is good.

 3. Adjust the output voltage of the voltage source to the value specified by the anti-static shoes.

 4. When the report is issued, the test conditions of the shoes, such as temperature and humidity, should be recorded truthfully. The model and measurement results of the shoes must be filled in truthfully.

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