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Anti-static Square Plate

Jul 05, 2018

Black anti-static square plate


First, the product material: Conductive HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) Conductive impact polystyrene.

Second, the product description:

(1) Anti-static component box, tray, and turnover box: a box formed by processing with electrostatic protection material. The box is used for storing electrostatic sensitive components and can provide equipotential protection for electrostatic discharge sensitive components in the box.

(2) Electrostatic discharge protection materials: materials with multiple abilities, which limit the generation of static electricity, can quickly dissipate electrostatic charges on the surface or volume of materials, or shield electrostatic discharge, spark discharge or electrostatic field, electrostatic discharge protection materials.

Third, product characteristics and technical indicators:

(1) Anti-static properties:

Surface resistivity 103~108Ω/sq (SJ/T 10694-1996)

Friction residual static voltage ≤100V (SJ/T 10694-1996)

Volume resistivity 103~107Ω/cm (SJ/T 10694-1996)

Service life is not less than 5 years

Static decay period (5000V attenuation to 100V) <2 seconds

(2) Component box, tray, and tote size specifications: can view the company color map

(3) Test conditions: ambient temperature 20 ° C ~ 25 ° C, relative humidity 40% ~ 60% RH.

(4) Heat resistance: After 60 hours at 60±2°C, the color appearance of the sample did not change significantly.

(5) Resistance to aging: The sample did not show cracks or deformation after the experiment.

(6) Instructions for use:

a. The anti-static component box should have an anti-static mark (label or pattern) on the place where the mark should be placed in an obvious and not subject to wear.

b. Antistatic performance is checked every six months.

Third, the main:

1, ESD clothing

Anti-static coveralls, anti-static coats, anti-static jackets, polyester-cotton anti-static work clothes, special overalls, anti-static T-shirts, special-purpose anti-static dust-free clothes, all-package clean clothes, one-time protection clothes.

2, anti-static cap, disposable cap

3, anti-static shoes

Anti-fatigue anti-static shoes, reinforced anti-fatigue anti-static shoes, anti-static shoes, anti-static anti-mite safety shoes, anti-static sandals, disposable protective shoe covers, anti-static shoe covers.

4, ESD gloves

Latex cleaning gloves, synthetic gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves, cotton purification anti-static gloves, nylon anti-static half finger gloves, fifteen needle thin nylon gloves, polyester/cotton gloves, anti-static non-slip gloves, dust-free gloves, palm Gloves, SMS palm perspiration tablets, sterile sterile latex gloves, sterile sterile cloth gloves.

5, ESD finger sets

Cleanroom and powder-free finger sleeves, transparent beige finger sleeves, black anti-static finger sleeves, incision finger sleeves, pink anti-static finger sleeves, beige anti-static finger sleeves, beige purifying finger sleeves, transparent non-slip finger sleeves.

6, cleanroom cloth/wiper

Polyester dust-free cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth, sub-microfiber dust-free cloth super absorbent oil-free dust-free cloth, nylon dust-free cloth cotton-free cloth, anti-static dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, SMT automatic Steel mesh wiping roll, dust-free wipe, humidified dust-free wipe, strong oil-absorbing wipe, 100-grade purifying wipe, anti-static dust-free wipe, super oil-absorbing wiper, sterile disinfection, dust-free cloth, sterilized Disinfect the dust-free wipes and purify the rags.

7, purification notebook, dust-free purification ballpoint pen, wafer isolation paper, purification printing paper, anti-static sleeves.

8, clean cotton swabs

Sponge cotton swab (green stick), sponge cotton swab (white rod), cotton cloth cotton swab, cotton swab cotton swab, cotton swab cotton swab, high absorption abrasion resistant cotton swab, double head clean cotton swab.

9, anti-static wiper, cleaning mop, sticky floor mat, sticky roller, acid / anti-magnetic tweezers, anti-static purification tweezers, OPP tape, anti-static apron.

10, mask

Disposable protective masks, sterile sterile non-woven masks, sterile sterile dust-free cloth masks, and sterile disinfecting masks.

11. Anti-static packaging bag, anti-static shielding bag, anti-static shielding moisture-proof bag, black conductive bag, anti-static turnover box, box, square plate, SMT upper and lower feeding box, anti-static tray, bracket, anti-static hollow board box , anti-static / conductive sponge, anti-static plastic, anti-static mat, anti-static turnover car.

12, anti-static chair, anti-static wrist strap, adjustable metal wrist strap, anti-static heel strap, grounding device, square four-hole grounding socket, anti-static brush, ion fan, ion wind gun ion wind gun transformer, surface Resistance tester, wrist strap tester, human body resistance comprehensive tester, static voltage tester, clean room professional high-efficiency vacuum cleaner and other products.