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Anti-static Tape

Jun 09, 2018

What is the principle of anti-static tape?

The antistatic agent in the anti-static tape can effectively absorb the "water" in the appearance of the product and the air. After the moisture is obtained, it can neutralize the static electricity to achieve the effect of anti-static. The antistatic tape is in the tape base. An antistatic agent is added to the material or glue.


Before the film is blown, the antistatic agent is added and mixed together by the screw plasticization. This is relatively simple. Most of the antistatic tapes are PP/PE materials. Then blow the film. After the product enters, since the antistatic agent is distributed in the resin, and the antistatic agent is a low-molecular-weight external active agent, it has the characteristics of hydrophilic moisture absorption, and it easily migrates from the inside of the resin to the external appearance of the product (absorbs air moisture), forming a The water molecule layer, thus achieving the effect of discharging static electricity.

It also shields external personnel and equipment from ESD electrostatic discharge and external electromagnetic radiation. The antistatic tape is suitable for the transportation and packaging of electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products such as PCBs and ICs. Not only anti-static tape all anti-static properties. With excellent anti-static, anti-RF, waterproof vapor infiltration, salt spray and many other features. The unique four-layer structure creates a “sensing hood” effect to prevent the contents of the anti-static tape from being isolated from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is composed of vinyl that can eliminate static electricity and has excellent anti-static properties. The inner and outer layers of anti-static shielding materials are composed of transparent anti-static materials, and the middle is a translucent conductive metal layer. Therefore, it has good anti-static and electrostatic shielding properties. Its appearance is silver-gray and translucent, and can see through the packaged objects.

What is esd tape? We usually call it esd tape because its main purpose is to prevent static electricity. At the time of purchase, we will see anti-static labels on the packaging, which are generally used in the packaging of electronic products.


The electrostatic tape is coated with an anti-static pressure sensitive adhesive on the surface of the opp film, and then it is made into an electrostatic tape after anti-static treatment. It has two colors, black and transparent, with a surface resistance of 10^8Ω-10^10Ω.


After the purchase of electrostatic tape, it must be stored well, and it must not be stored together with other tapes to avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The temperature can be kept at room temperature. Electrostatic tape is mainly used to paste the surface of electronic products and anti-static treatment is required. Place to use.