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Anti-static Work Chair

Jun 01, 2018

Anti-static work chair

Anti-static chair in addition to the function of ordinary chair, but also has anti-static function, it is through its own anti-static materials, anti-static wheels, grounding chain, anti-static floor, grounding systems and other supporting facilities to discharge static electricity to achieve.

Main material:

Conductive PP plastic, anti-static PU/PVC leather, PU foam material, metal four-leg bracket, metal lifting rod, anti-static wheel and so on.


1, chair, back: PP injection molding, PU / PVC leather, PU foam and so on.

2, support part:

a. Fixed: Iron tripod.

b. Lifting type: Pneumatic lifting rod, plastic or carbon steel or stainless steel five-star foot, grounding chain, anti-static wheel or foot cup.


Stools, armchairs.


Surface resistance:

10 of the 6th to 10th 9th ohms.


1. If an optional pneumatic lifter is added to increase the height of the seat surface, a foot ring may be added to increase comfort.

2. Select the anti-static wheel for easy movement; select the anti-static foot cup (also called sucker) for easy fixing.

3, higher purification level PP injection chair, PU foam chair.

4, good comfort taught for PU / PVC leather chair.

Application scope:

It is widely used in electronics production workshops, laboratories, and dust-free workshops.

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