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Anti-static Work Shoes

Feb 11, 2019

The customer reflects the anti-static work shoes grinding feet, how to solve?

 I think most people will encounter problems with shoes and feet. Recently, some customers have asked us to buy anti-static work shoes at home to reflect the phenomenon of grinding feet. How to solve it? The anti-static work shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the earth, thereby eliminating static electricity of the human body, and at the same time effectively suppressing the dust generated by the walking of the person in the clean room. It is a must-have product for personal anti-static, and it must not be worn. Here are some suggestions for the problem of grinding feet:

1, when wearing new anti-static work shoes, do not take a long way, the new anti-static work shoes will generally be relatively hard, as long as possible to adapt to a period of time, in fact, the material of anti-static work shoes is also very important.

2, you can use a wet sponge to wet the shoe leather of the anti-static work shoes of the grinding foot, it will soften in an hour or so, and then it will not be too worn, or you can use white wine or a small amount of white vinegar to wipe the anti-static The injured part of the shoe is soaked for about 5-15 minutes. The hair dryer blows the hot air, and the hand gently rubs it to soften the anti-static heel. After the anti-static shoes are slightly soft, they are put on the walk.

3, we can also gently pinch the foot of the anti-static work shoes by hand, so that the shoes are soft, or cover the ground with a damp cloth, and then gently rub it with a small hammer, but Excessive force is not available to avoid wrinkling of the anti-static work shoes.

4, the last anti-static work shoes grinding foot solution is the anti-static insoles. If the person wearing the anti-static work shoes feels the friction in the shoes while walking, feels the friction is uncomfortable, then you need to put on the anti-static insole, the foot does not slide, you can reduce the discomfort caused by friction, and successfully solve the problem. Static work shoes grinding feet.

Finally, I remind you again that because anti-static work shoes soften the leather, although it has certain feasibility, it will also reduce the life of anti-static work shoes to a certain level, which is not conducive to the maintenance of anti-static work shoes. Still have to choose a good anti-static work shoes.