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Anti-static Wrist Strap

May 31, 2018

Anti-static wrist strap benefits

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Anti-static wristbands can be seen in our lives. Some electronic factories use them, they are anti-static and still have an item on their hands. There are many styles of wrists, all kinds of things, wireless, and wired. Let me give you a brief overview. Eight-color sports wristbands represent eight health attitudes. In addition to daily life, wristbands also play a significant role in industrial production. The wristbands used in production are called anti-static wrist straps, and the wrist straps are used to prevent static electricity. Discharge the body's static electricity. It consists of anti-static elastic band, activity snaps, spring cord. Protective resistors and plugs or chucks. The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic yarns and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarns. Corded, cordless wrist strap (anti-static) Electrostatic loop Wired wrist strap (anti-static) Detailed description of wireless electrostatic wrist strap, anti-static wrist strap Wireless electrostatic wrist strap, is the use of (static voltage balance) physics, based on "Electrostatic Engineering" static electricity is developed by using the principle of pushing between ions, and it pushes human body electrostatic ions into the design of the drought-damaged body by the characteristics of static electricity pushing from high electricity to high potential (collecting area). By bringing the front and back surfaces of the conductive plate separately, it can be easily provided with the same amount of electrostatic charges introduced by the electrostatic ion to neutralize them, so that the effect of electrostatic discharge can be achieved, and a screw is externally provided on the outside of the machine. Internal conductor loop connection. Its role is that it can be used as a result of improper contact with high static power sources, causing a large amount of static charges to be introduced in an instant. When the ion is too late to be completed, it can be used to provide ions through the use of external air and water molecules. Zero function can be used as loop detection terminal.

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The wired grounded wrist strap is the most basic and the most commonly used product in the anti-static equipment. It is not only convenient for erection and operation, but also the most affordable in price. The reason for the anti-static wrist strap is Through the wrist strap and the grounding wire, the static electricity discharged from the human body is discharged to the earth. Therefore, the wrist strap must be in contact with the skin during use. The grounding wire must be directly grounded and the grounding wire must be unobstructed for maximum efficiency. Anti-static wrist strap Electrostatic loop is a device that is worn on the human body's wrist and discharges the body's electrostatic charge. It is divided into a wired type and a wireless type, and has a metal ring and an elastic rubber conductive wire mixed ring. This product belongs to which the anti-static wristband is buckled to adjust the wired type. It can effectively protect the zero-resistance parts from being disturbed by static electricity and is used to discharge the static electricity of the human body. It consists of an anti-static elastic band, an active snap, a spring cord, a protective resistor, and a collet. The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic yarns and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarns. The principle of the anti-static wired wrist strap is to guide the human body's static electricity to the earth through the wrist strap and the grounding wire. When using the wristband, make contact with the skin and ensure that the grounding wire is directly grounded so that maximum efficiency can be achieved. Put on this anti-static wrist strap, which can safely remove static electricity generated in the human body within 0.1 second. Grounded wrist strap is the most basic and most commonly used anti-static equipment. Anti-static wristbands, I have used in the factory, in my usual life there is also called a sports wristband is also very good use, the appearance is also very beautiful. Media is not expensive either.