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Antistatic Overalls, ASUS Chose Us

Jun 13, 2018

Antistatic Coveralls, ASUS chose us!

The cooperation between our company and Asustek Computer began in January. At that time, our business Ms. Feng talked on the front door and the two sides finalized the anti-static workwear styles and overalls fabrics. However, because of the large number of Asus employees, the types of styles needed must be constantly improved. It wasn’t until March. In order to ensure on-time delivery, our workers in the busy season, regardless of day and night overtime rush.

Asustek Computer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is a famous motherboard manufacturer in the world and ranks among the world's top three consumer laptop brands. Asustek is always committed to quality and innovation and continues to provide consumers and corporate users with innovative technology solutions. In 2015, it received a total of 4,368 awards from specialized media and appraisal organizations around the world.

Our clothes passed the Asustek inspection, and we are also confident to use the quality of our products and our certification to maintain the relationship between good and oversized customers and strive for further achievements.

esd anti-static smock.jpg

SAFETY WORKING TECH specializes in anti-static clothing for 15 years, using imported raw materials, cost-effective, complete product range, to meet the diversified purchasing needs of customers, if you are interested in dust-free anti-static products, please contact us!