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Application Of Ionizer Air Fan In Various Fields

Jul 18, 2018

Application of ionizer air fan in various fields

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The main principle of the ionizer air fan to eliminate static electricity is to conduct the charge, and there are many ways to conduct the charge. One of the methods for not being able to use the wire to lead away is to use the method of ion neutralization to solve the electrostatic discharge. The Ionizing air blower is a suitable choice. . Electronics industry: IC, LCD static countermeasures and dust prevention. Precision machinery industry: Preventing dust adsorption and production obstacles of cameras, watches, etc. Plastic industry: Preventing dust adhesion and electric shock in molding processing, paper processing industry: Prevention Textile industry, such as paper misalignment, pasting and paper dusting: Preventing entanglement of the thread and winding on the roller. Food industry: Prevent foreign matter such as hair from entering the food and the box. SAFETY WORKING TECH specializes in static control, production of electrostatic ion blower, ion wind nozzle, ion wind snake, ion wind stick, ion fan, ion wind nozzle, ion wind gun, static electricity equipment products are exported to overseas market factories have passed ISO9001 , 2008 international quality management system certification, products through CE certification, equipped with professional equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, as well as a professional team of design and manufacturing.


ionizer air fan is not only a static elimination device but also a sterilization device

The ionizer air fan is not only a static elimination device but also a sterilization device. It is basically the same as the ultraviolet lamp sterilization principle. It uses the high-voltage electrode to turn the oxygen in the air into ozone for sterilization purposes. Generally, the Ionizing air blower has a size, and its effective inoculation range is different according to different models, and should be used correctly according to the instructions.

(1) ionizer air fan inoculation requirements are carried out in a closed room;

(2) The metal part of the ionizer air fan is susceptible to fumigation by aerosols such as sulfur or aerosol disinfectant. When fumigation, the ionizer fan should be taken out of the department, and the metal part in front of the Ionizing air blower should be covered during spray disinfection to prevent positive Negative discharge

(3) Spray 2% to 3% of coal phenol soap or 5% of new Jieermin aqueous solution in the room half an hour before inoculation. After purification and disinfection, turn on the Ionizing air blower again, and inoculate in the effective range of 20-30 cm in front of the Ionizing air blower after 5 minutes;

(4) The power supply voltage is required to be stable. Generally, the rural power consumption is large at night, the voltage is low, and the sterilization requirement is not met, and it can be used when the voltage is stable during the day;

(5) After using the Ionizing air blower, the dust on the positive and negative electrodes should be rubbed frequently with cotton and alcohol. The amount of ionized ozone will be reduced and the sterilization effect will not be achieved.

(6) The vaccination personnel should not face the Ionizing air blower during the inoculation process, try to stagger the facial part and the wind fan wind part to prevent the symptoms of dizziness and nausea caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the brain.