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Basic Knowledge Of Anti-static And The Role Of Anti-static Gloves

Aug 03, 2018

Basic knowledge of anti-static and the role of anti-static gloves

The reason for the formation of unbalanced electron dispersion is that the electrons are separated from the trajectory by external forces, including various energies (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc.). In the ordinary livelihood, the object touch of any two different raw materials After leaving, you can get static electricity.

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When two different objects touch each other, one object loses some electric charge, such as electrons transferred to another object to make it positively charged, while the other does not get some electron-retaining objects and is negatively charged. If the charge is difficult to neutralize during the separation process, the charge will be piled up to electrostatically charge the object. Therefore, when the object touches other objects, it will be charged with static electricity. Generally, when a plastic film is peeled off from an object, it is a typical "touch away" electric power, and the static electricity generated by undressing in the ordinary livelihood is also "touch away" to electrify.

It is made of special anti-static polyester fabric. The base material is composed of rayon and conductive fiber. The distance of conductive fiber is 4mm. The glove has excellent elasticity and anti-static function. It avoids the static electricity generated by the human body and damages the product. It is suitable for Widely used in electronic occupations, semiconductors, clean rooms and ordinary livelihoods.

It is used in anti-static and clean room environment where gloves are required. Wearing anti-static gloves can prevent the operator's fingers from directly touching the electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the static charge of the human body. It must be worn by the task force of the semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing, computer motherboard production enterprises, mobile phone production plants and other tasks. It is mainly used in anti-static environments that require gloves to operate, such as electronics and appearance. It can avoid the damage and aging of electronic components formed by static electricity. In the petrochemical industry, it can avoid the risk of surface burning due to static electricity, such as incineration and blasting. ^6-10^9 Ω;

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After understanding the cause of static electricity, we can choose anti-static gloves according to our own needs. Only the correct choice of anti-static gloves can achieve anti-static purposes.