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BFN-801 Ionizing Air Blower

Jun 28, 2018

BFN-801 Ionizing air blower

BFN-801 single head AC ion fan product features:

The appearance of fashion is novel;

Humanized design, easy to use;

Large ion output, rapid elimination of static electricity;

Flexible wind speed adjustment (wind speed stepless pole adjustment);

Simple maintenance, removable front and rear cover, easy cleaning;

Strict safety protection device

BFN-801 single head AC ion fan technical parameters:


Ion generation method Corona discharge method

Ion output voltage up to 4500V AC

Ion balance control method Fixed balance

Static elimination time ≤2.0S

Ion equilibrium voltage ≤±10V

Rating Working current consumption 0.15A (maximum fan speed), supply voltage AC220V ±15%/50Hz or AC 110V ±15%/60Hz

Maximum air volume 200CFM

Working distance 300~900mm

Ozone concentration ≤0.002ppm

Noise 44db

Environmental resistance Ambient temperature 0°C to 50°C, ambient humidity 20% to 80% RH

Body weight 3.75kg

Body material Cold rolled steel plate

Color Cool white + sky blue (plastic)

Body size W220mm x H285mm x D110mm

At the center of the air outlet, 300mm away from the center of the front face of the fan, press the largest

Test conditions: 25°C, humidity 55%, in accordance with EOS/ESD S3.1-2006

Test Equipment: TREK157