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China (Shanghai) Anti-Static Products Technology Exhibition

May 25, 2018

China (Shanghai) Anti-Static Products Technology Exhibition

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizer: China Electronic Equipment Corporation

Organizer: CLP Exhibition & Information Communication Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: China Electronic Instrument Industry Association Anti-Static Branch China Electronics Association

Industry: Communication / Communication / Electronics

Region: Shanghai | Shanghai


Exhibition description

Based on continuous innovations in the production technologies of domestic microelectronics manufacturing, semiconductors, automotive electronics, medical electronics, precision machinery, biopharmaceuticals, food processing and hospitals, and continuous high growth of the industry, and participation in the international market to effectively increase productivity, competitiveness and the pursuit of The need for quality production. The requirements for cleanliness of pollution control technologies and the environment are getting higher and higher, and industry standards have become more stringent. The clean technology and products that are committed to pollution control and environmental cleanliness are important foundations for the development of modern science and technology and high-tech industries, are an important factor in modern production standards, and are the guarantee and symbol of modern product quality. Sponsored by China Electronic Equipment Corporation. CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. organized the Anti-Static Products Technology Exhibition to provide professional and outstanding exhibition services and marketing innovation concepts for market suppliers to show customers technology and products, help companies to understand the Yangtze Delta clean technology and anti-static market and successfully Build an effective and pragmatic business platform.

Range of exhibition

◆ Clean room equipment: Purifying air conditioners, fans, purification lamps, clean benches, clean sheds, clean cabinets, biological safety cabinets, transfer boxes/windows, air showers, laminar flow hoods, vacuum cleaners, electronic air purification, sterilization Equipment, sterilizing hand cleaner, cleaning and disinfecting, FFU, air filter, high efficiency air outlet, etc.;

◆ Clean room supplies: esd clothes,esd masks,esd gloves, esd shoes; cleanroom paper,esd pen, esd cleanroom wipes,cleanroom cotton swabs, etc.;

◆Anti-vibration and static control: esd wrist straps, esd heel straps,esd sticky mat,esd pads, esd chairs, etc.

◆ filter media: activated carbon, filter cotton, filter media, filter, other filter materials, etc.;

◆ Detection instrumentation: measuring instrument, particle counter, sampler, air volume cover, differential pressure meter, electrostatic test analyzer, monitoring system, etc.; automatic control product, control center and system aseptic/clean room special cleaning, cleaning equipment;

◆ Material supply: pure water equipment, ultra-pure water treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, ultra-pure gas, special gas, chemicals, etc.;

◆ Clean room structure: ceiling/sky ceiling, sheet/floor, floor, keel, door, window and glass;

◆ Indoor air purification products: Air purifiers, purification materials, fresh air equipment, etc.;