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Cleanroom Wiper Cloth

Jul 11, 2018

How to maintain cleanroom wiper cloth?

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At present, many high-tech industries use cleanroom wiper cloth. Because of its strong decontamination ability, good wiping effect, and no chipping or ball, it has been loved by many friends.

In fact, the cleanroom wiper cloth is not disposable, but can be used after cleaning conditions, so this can also reduce unnecessary waste. The function of the cleanroom wiper cloth is not only related to its material, but also closely related to the later maintenance. Therefore, it can not be underestimated in cleaning the cleanroom wiper cloth, then how to properly clean the dust-free cloth for better use. What about efficiency?

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1. First use a neutral detergent to wash with warm water.

2. After that, it should be air-dried or dried in a dryer. Do not iron or expose to the sun.

3. After cleaning, completely rinse off by using clean water.

4. Do not use bleach as a chemical to clean the cloth, which will reduce the life of the cleanroom wiper cloth.

5. Do not use softener, because softener will leave a film on the surface of the microfiber, which will seriously affect the wiping effect.