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Cleanroom Wiper,Is It Esd Fabric

May 17, 2018

Cleanroom wiper,Is it esd fabric?

Speaking of cleanroom wiper or cleanroom cloth, we must say that the classification of cleanroom wiper can be divided into three categories:

The dust-free cloths are categorized according to fiber thickness: ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth, submicrofiber dust-free cloth, imitation ultrafine dimension dust-free cloth, polyester fiber dust-free cloth, high-density dust-free cloth; classified according to purification level : Ten dust-free cloth, one hundred dust-free cloth, thousands of clean cloth, 10,000 dust cloth; in accordance with Rong Xin cutting edge sealing technology: cold cutting, laser sealing, ultrasonic edge sealing.

microfiber esd wiper.jpg

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