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Cordless Wrist Strap

Jul 05, 2018

High quality anti-static cordless wrist strap | suitable for Cleanroom workshop 

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Name: Cordless wrist strap


1. Using a soft and flexible material mixed with conductive filaments;

2. good electrical conductivity, the length can be adjusted arbitrarily;

3. The spring grounding wire can withstand more than 30,000 environmental tests without breaking;

4. grounding resistance: 10;

5. static discharge time: <0.1S.

The difference between cordless and corded anti-static wrist strap:

The corded wrist strap adopts the grounding principle, and the electrostatic effect of the diarrhea is good. Generally, it is suitable for the staff with small moving range to use the corded wristband, and the silent wristband adopts the principle of corona neutralization. The effect is not as good as the rope, suitable for the activity. A large range of staff, such as leadership inspections, etc.