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Do Anti-static Clothes Need To Be Worn By Electricians

Jul 12, 2018

Do anti-static clothes need to be worn by electricians?

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In fact, the position of electrician is special. Because its working environment is charged, its working environment is charged, so we will think about what to do if there is a spark at work. In this dangerous and emergency situation, we should first consider the safety of the person, and then the safety of the company's property. Then we will analyze the material of the anti-static clothing. The material of the anti-static clothing is fiber fabric, general fiber fabric. It is flammable and should not be used in a sparking environment. Therefore, the electrician encounters sparks at work. In order to prevent sparks from splashing on himself, you should not wear anti-static overalls, which increases personal safety and production safety. Protection.

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However, for the working environment in which some employees are located, if there is no dust requirement for the production environment, we should choose to wear clean clothes and anti-static overalls, because only in this way, the electrician can not only achieve safety in work. The production safety of the enterprise can also achieve effective protection.